November 15

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 239/365

New theme for this week: famous latin sayings. If you have a suggestion for a quote, please let me know in a comment below. 

Timendi causa est nescire. (The cause of fear is ignorance— Seneca)

How many times have you stood, frozen, paralyzed by fear? Well, many times this fear is stocked by ignorance of the real situation you are facing. Let go of its grasp by educating yourself: about the facts, the circumstances and maybe even your own biases. Only then, you could make a good decision, and bravely move forward.

Read a list of the most common cognitive bias, and you will be able to fight them successfully. And ff you enjoy reading about all the way you trick yourself, I recommend you read this great book, You Are Not So Smart


Photo by Claudia Soraya on Unsplash