March 9

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 351/365

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Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer- William S. Burroughs

The more anxious you are about an issue or a problem, the harder it is to solve it. This is a scientific fact: when we are relaxed and happy, our brain is able to make more connections and to come up with creative solutions. This is why, our best ideas come when we are in the shower, and relaxing in bed. You can read about some the neurological research about this, in this article: Why We Have Our Best Ideas in the Shower: The Science of Creativity. In one word, Dopamine.

So, drop what you are doing right now, and give your brain a small break; a warm cappuccino is optional. Let your mind wonder for a bit, and you will see your problems with new eyes.

I often tell my son, who gets easily frustrated, that the brain is like a sponge. If you squeeze a sponge tight, it will be incapable to absorb anything. As soon as you relax your grip, the sponge will return to its normal shape, and, once again, will be ready to be soaked up. Maybe not the most sophisticated analogy, but it gets the point across for a 11 year old.

Read the following article, if you want to understand exactly how a sponge absorb water

Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash