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This is the blog of tdagdesign.com, where you can find lots of inspiration and tutorials: since Spring 2018, I have been publishing a quote daily, to get your day started right … some are profound, some are funny, some are downright snarky, depending on my mood.

If you want to suggest a quote, or want to know how I created the images, please email me: I will answer requests in order.


March 15

daily inspirational image quote:a black and white image of a man hodling a red flare, the only color present

I am at war with the world cause I ain’t never gonna sell my soul. I have already made up my mind, no matter what I can’t be bought or sold. Skillet- Awake and Alive. Stand up for what you believe


March 12

daily inspirational quote image: 2 hands holding a sparkling earth

This is the world we live in. And these are the hands we’re given. Use them and let’s start trying. To make it a place worth living in. Genesis – Land of Confusion. Can this be more timely?