March 16

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 358/365

The countdown continues: 7 quotes to go! This is your last chance: if you have a suggestion for a quote, please let me know in a comment below.

Un popolo che ignora il proprio passato non saprà mai nulla del proprio presente Indro Montanelli

A country who ignores its past will never know anything about its own present

The past may be painful to revisit, but it essential to understand the present. It has been said many times, history does not repeats but rhymes. This is crucial not only for Countries but also for ourselves.

Like it or not, we are the sum of all our experiences up to now, good or bad. So, do not ignore your past: make peace with it and use it as a way to reflect how far you have come.

The blog reminds you that you Can’t Ignore Your Past: heal it and don’t ignore it.

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash