March 22

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 364/365

The countdown continues: 1 quotes to go. Actually…I must have messed up my count somewhere, because I started on March 21, so I am technically done. However I will finish the countdown and add 3 bonus ones,

Non importa dove si nasce se si combatte per le stesse idee e si crede nelle stesse cose – Paolo Borsellino

It does not matter where you are born if you fight for the same ideas and believe in the same things

I wanted to honor a great man, who actually walked the walk, and died for what he believed. Along with Giovanni Falcone and many others, he valiantly and voluntarily fought the Mafia, the real one, and gave all Italians hope.

This also a quote is also about acceptance, and it more important than ever. As we become more and more divided, and the foreigner is seen with fear, distrust and hate, it is important to remember that after all, we are all humans with the same fundamental values and rights.

Let’s find our commonalities instead of our differences, and let’s build more bridges instead of walls.

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash