Tutorial: Sports Car Transformation

Photoshop Tutorial: Intermediate/Advanced

In this tutorial we will make an amazing transformation. We will make the car move, switch day to night, and turn on the highlights. Ready?

From static to motion

  1. Duplicate the background layer
  2. Apply a motion blur
  3. Add a mask, so that the car is in full focus while the background is blurred
  4. Select the tires and duplicate them in a new layer by using comm+ J
  5. Apply motion blur to the tires

From Day to Night

  1. Add a Curves adjustment layer to dramatically darken the image
  2. Add a Hue and Saturation to lower the saturation
  3. Add a solid color adjustment layer in a dark blue color, change the bland mode to multiply and lower opacity
  4. If it needs to be darker, you can apply the Adjustment > HDR Toning to a copy of the background image
  5. Copy the new image as a new layer and add a mask to hide the car

Turn On the Lights

  1. Create a combined layer by holding comm + Option + Shift + E
  2. Create a new layer and using the polygon marquee draw the highlight shape and fill it with a yellow/ivory color
  3. Open the Blur Filter and choose Field Blur
  4. Blur it less close to the car and more away from it
  5. Change the blend mode to screen and lower the opacity if needed
  6. Duplicate the layer for the second highlights, and modify as needed
  7. Create a new layer and place it below the highlights layers
  8. Use your marquee tool to create an oval shape to “light up” the pavement
  9. Fill the selection and blur it; change the blend mode to screen and lower the opacity
  10. Add a lens flare, very subtly
  11. Create a black layer and choose filter >render>lens flare. Choose the 35mm setting and position the flare on the headlight
  12. Lower the opacity and change the blend mode to Screen
  13. Add a Hue and Saturation and make it a clipping group to lower saturation

Final Touches

Add a new layer and apply a gradient, black to cream, so it is darker on the back and lighter when the highlights are. Change the blend mode to overlay and lower the opacity