November 30

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 254/365

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My kids call it yelling. I call it motivational speaking for the selective listener – The Italian Mom

Before you accuse me of racism, please know that I AM an Italian Mom, and therefore I know what I am talking about. (-:

I do, however, feel compelled to explained that not everything that sounds like yelling, to an American, is really getting angry. You see, debating is basically a sport in Italy, or at the very least a favorite pastime. When we are engaged in some kind of debate, we get animated and passionated about it, but that does not mean we are spewing insults or hateful things at each other. We are still the best of friends after. Weird, I know.

I loved this post from Hitoritabi that teaches how to argue to an Italian, or at least how not to despair when an Italian is arguing with you.

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