How I did it: creating a greeting card

How I did It: my Photoshop Process

I want to share with you my process in creating an anniversary greeting card, targeted to a male partner.  If you like the card, you can vote for it at

mockup of an anniversary greeting card

sketch of a greeting card design

My first step was, as always, to come up with an idea, and sketch it out ON PAPER.  In name of transparency I will show my beautiful conceptual sketch.

I wanted to convey the durability of the relationship, as well as the poetry of the love story.

Then i selected the images that best fit my concept: a beautiful shot of Death Valley, and an amazing sunset in San Diego.

2 snapshots: death valley and a sunset sky

The I started combining them to create the final image. Below you will find the visual process.

Step 1: Apply HR toning to make the image darkerimage illustrating step 1 of the process

Step 2: Paste the sunset sky into the mountain image

Step 3: Add warmer tones to the mountain to match the sky

Step 4: Darken the whole image with Levels

Step 5: Using a brush that emulates watercolors, I created an organic shape

Step 6: I added a neutral color background

Step 7: I used the shape as a mask for the mountains

Step 8: I added the repeating word FOREVER, adjusting blending modes

Step 9: I added the final text, lowering the opacity to make it blend better.

I hope you found the process interesting: if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Till next time!