January 21

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 306/365

Last day of birthday week. If you have a suggestion for a quote, or a theme, please let me know in a comment below.

At your absolute best you still won’t be good enough for the wrong person. At your worst you’ll be worth it to the right person

One of the hardest lesson to learn is that you can’t please everyone, and that no matter what you do, there are some people that you can’t win over. So, with this in mind, just be yourself and do not try to change according to the circumstances.

Trying to improve or change yourself is great, as long as you do it for YOU, and not to make others like you. At some point you will realize that trying to win approval from some people – and that includes family- it is a futile attempt. And guess what? That is OK. Thoughtcatalog.com has an article that explains exactly that.

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash