February 4

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 319/365

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Nobody says that being a sweet person means to take everything people try to throw at you. You can be sweet AND assertive. Maybe people will not like what you say, but they will respect you.

What a difficult lesson to learn, especially if you have been pushed to always be accommodating, flexible and nice by society or gender pressure.

I have been taught to apologize all the times, even when I was not wrong; to be understanding, because I am “more sensitive and full of intuition” because of my gender; to always be careful not to ruffle any feathers. What did that bring? Unhealthy relationships and endless frustration, maybe even anger.

Finally, one day, I said ENOUGH! I realized that pleasing everyone is not possible, nor will make people like you more. I try to be honest, open and upfront. I am still nice, and try not to hurt anyone’s feeling, but I say what needs to be said. I still apologize, but only when I am at fault. And especially I do not hide anymore: I am who I am, and while I always try to improve, I will not make excuses for it.

Do not know where to start? Read this great article, “A Nice Person’s Guide to Becoming More Assertive” by mindforlife.com

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash