February 20

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 335/365

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Recovering from suffering is not like recovering from a disease. Many people don’t come out healed; they come out different. David Brooks – The Road to Character

Today is a special day: I have one month left to reach my goal of posting 1 quote daily for a full year. Yeah!

However, there is an even more special reason to celebrate: 4 years ago I started leaving behind a very dark and painful time in my life, and this is why I chose this quote. To say I am a different person is an understatement, but I can say I am a much happier one; and even if I will probably carry the scar with me forever, I am grateful to be where I am.

Would I have chosen a different path, if given the choice? ABSOLUTELY! But I can now see that, maybe, the pain was necessary for me to see clearly.

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Photo by Jacob Aguilar-Friend on Unsplash andAndrew Neel on Unsplash