February 16

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 331/365

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It always seems impossible till it is done – Nelson Mandela

While commonly associate to Nelson Mandela, there is no definitive proof he actually uttered this words

Have you ever given up on an idea, or a goal, just because it seemed impossible at first glance? I am guilty! However, if you spend enough time analyzing the challenge, often, you will find that there is a way.

You have heard the saying “where there is a will, there is a way”: while I don’t believe that every obstacle can be overcome simply by will, it is good to remember that we often sell ourselves short, and do not give ourselves enough credit.

So, today, believe in yourself and tackle a challenge that seems impossible: in the worst case scenario, you at least won’t regret a lost opportunity.

Photo by Peter Winckler on Unsplash