November 3

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 227/365

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The gate to happiness is self compassion

How many times we are kind, compassionate and understanding with our friends, but we become an unforgiving judge to ourself? We use soothing words to comfort others, but we reserve harsh and cutting (if not downright insulting) words for ourselves. You need to learn to forgive yourself if you ever want to be happy. It is not easy, but just as a small, wounded bird, we need loving care. Let’s try to love ourselves more, starting NOW.

Maybe I should beginning by forgiving myself for being late publishing this quote. (-:

book cover of: The Mindful Path to Self-CompassionThis 4.5 start book from Christopher Germer, “The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion” can help you get on your way.

Photo by Ludovic François on Unsplash