November 21

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 245/365

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It is OK if people do not like you. Most people do not even like themselves

One of the most lesson in life is to accept you can’t appeal to everyone. In fact, I think it is a blessing: if everyone likes you, maybe, you are just like a chameleon, changing colors to adapt to the environment. I rather take risk, and be who I am, with no apologies. This does not mean I shun compromise or I am not a good team player, but I can tell you, everyone know exactly where I stand. Not everyone may like me, but they respect me.

Don’t get upset by other’s words: most of the times they are hiding their own insecurities.

If you feel you are craving approval even from people you do not really like, this article from may help.

Photo by Maia Habegger on Unsplash