March 14

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 356/365

The countdown begins: 9 quotes to go! This is your last chance: if you have a suggestion for a quote, please let me know in a comment below.

Try to care less. Practice ambivalence – Amy Poehler

Obviously, this is quote is not for everyone or everything. It has nothing to do with empathy or caring about others: there is way too much indifference in the world as it is. This applies to passionate people, that seem to care about even the most inconsequential issues. Therefore, I feel it applies to me: I feel too strongly about way too many things, and it is exhausting.

As I get older, I am learning to try to let go. I do not have to express or even have an opinion on everything. I can let things pass me by. After all, the most underestimated superpower is not giving a f**k., right?

It is not easy, but it will definitively make you happier. Read this post about learning to care less on

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