February 25

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 339/365

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Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead.― Les Brown

This may not be the most original quote ever, but I really needed it today, after receiving my tax return...’nough said.

Anyway, it obviously applies to any disappointment…and we all have many. Resilience is the most important characteristic of success, and dare I say, happiness. In fact, even Darwin recognized it when he talked about Natural Selection. He often used the phrase “survival of the fittest”, originally created by Herbert Spencer. Many have taken the word to mean the strongest individuals, but he actual meant the individuals  “better designed for an immediate, local environment”. In other word, the most adaptable, or resilient.

Read this handy guide on resilience from The American Physiological Association if you want to learn more.

Photo by Benjamin Bousquet on Unsplash

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