February 12

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 327/365

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You can’t have 2 thoughts at the same time: choose wisely

I really like this quote suggested by my husband’s friend Patty. Too many times I felt I was being taken hostage by my thoughts, trapped in an eternal merry-go-round that would never stop.

It is important to remember you are ALWAYS in control of your thoughts, or at least you can be. Don’t repress them, just observe them, and let them fly by, like clouds in the sky. So, make that choice: choose to think positive, to never give up, to have hope. Choose to be healthy, to be happy, to let go.

Pshycologytoday.com published an article with the perfect title: Become the CEO of your Own Brain in 6 Easy Steps.

If self-help is not enough to tame your thoughts, do not be afraid to ask for help. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is perfect for retrain your brain to handle your anxious thoughts and change your thinking pattern.

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash