December 16

Inspirational Quotes | Quote 270/365

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You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give Kahlil GibranThe Prophet

I have to apologize to my Designer friends for using Lobster: however, I did feel it was appropriate here. (-:

What a great sentiment, 2 weeks before Christmas…We are all so busy buying stuff, that we forget that human connection is what really matters. It is not a cry against capitalism or even consumerism: I love stuff like anyone else, however, every year I realize how much more I value the deep connection I have with family and friends, and I promise to cherish and nurture them even more in the new year.

What exactly does it mean to “Give Yourself”? How we do this? Well, Psycholgy Today has the answer: it offers 6 different way in which you can open up and make yourself vulnerable.

Also, watch this great video from Emma Seppälä from TEDx: The Power and Science of Social Connection.

Photo by Khushal Sharma on Unsplash